Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer any questions you have about OKCPT and our training services

FAQ section

How much experience do your personal trainers have?
Most of our trainers have a minimum of 6-8 years of personal training experience. We do take on apprentices and help them learn as they train but those individuals are never left on their own. They have the full support of the owners Robert and Tami Brody as a resource.

What makes your trainers qualified to help me reach my goals?
Excellent question, all our full time trainers have been studying the proper nutrition & the biomechanics of exercise for more than 6-8 years, some have degrees in kinesiology. On-going continuing education is required of all our trainers. We all keep up to date with the latest science based information to help us keep our clients in the best health possible.

How many clients are training at one time in your facility?
We want to keep our studio as private as possible so you will normally see no more than 5-6 trainers working directly with their clients at any one time.

I am very over weight and have not been in the gym since high school, can your trainers really help me?
Anyone at any age or fitness level can benefit from using a qualified personal trainer.

I don't think I can do all those hard exercises I see others do in the gym, do we start out easy?
Your exercise program will be as intensive as the next persons but keep in mind, what is difficult for one person may be easier for someone else. Our trainers custom design workouts to meet the needs and goals of each client as an individual.

Do your trainers offer early morning sessions? I have to be to work at 7am every day.
Our trainers all keep their own schedules but all of us are very flexible and work when our clients need us. Early morning and evening sessions are the most popular times, but let's see what time you may be needing and what we have available. We can discuss what best suits you and how we can accommodate your needs.

Do I have to have a membership or be stuck in a contract to train at your facility?
No, not at all. One of the main reasons OKCPT was started was to help those people that wanted to work with a trainer but did not want to get locked into a long term contract and pay monthly membership dues to a gym. The only costs are those you pay your personal trainer, no other costs are added and no contracts are required by OKCPT.

What do your trainers charge for your personal training services?
Our trainers charge the same fees. $35/30 minute session or $70/60 minute sessions.