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Posted Dec 6th, 2017
Take it off and keep it off. Weight and fat that is. Contact us so we can help you get started today. Our personal trainers want to help you reach your goals and live a healthy life. Session times available, grab them before the new years rush. Ask about our free assessment.

Posted Dec 1st, 2017
Thanksgiving is over and hopefully all the leftovers are gone. This is the time of year that really challenges us when it comes to staying on our diet. Cookies, Candy, Pies, and all the other goodies that shows up at home and work are hard to refuse. Enjoying a treat in moderation is perfectly okay. We all need a treat now and again. Enjoy this time of year with your family, friends, and good food. Call us today and we'll help you keep those extra holiday pounds off.

Posted Nov 17, 2017
Fit at any age. Don't let your age dictate your health. Exercise helps make you feel better and has been proven to help fight off the progression of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. We're ready to help you. Call us today.

Posted Nov 11, 2017
The holiday's are coming!!! It's a great time to start your training, keep those extra holiday pounds off and beat the New Years rush. All our trainers are here to help you be the best you can be. Find out why so many great folks from Oklahoma City call us when they are ready to get in shape. WE CARE ABOUT YOU! :~)

Posted Nov 09, 2017
Working with a trainer is not just for movie stars, body builders or those with little knowledge about fitness. Working with a trainer helps keep you motivated, on track, and staying focused on your goals. We want you to look and feel your very best. A good trainer does not try to sell you supplements or tell others how "they" got you in shape. A good trainer not only helps motivate and guide you, they become a friend, a therapist and someone you know you can count on to help you live a strong and healthy life.